Sober Observations of People All Drunk and Stupid at the Club

Some of the saddest and most depressing moments you'll ever have in your life will be when you're drunk or high at a club -- but you won't realize it, because you're drunk and high at a club. Naturally, a complete loss of inhibition causes you to do the dumbest shit without realizing how annoying and possibly offensive you are.

The past couple of weeks, I cut alcohol completely out of my diet. After putting on a couple of pounds this past year, I stopped boozing. This sobriety makes going out at night a chore and transforms me into a more cynical bastard (possible friend-loss involved). Nowadays, I spend time observing how annoying we all are when out in that hotbed of germs, sweat, and piss: the club. Sorta like that movie They Live in which Rowdy Roddy Piper wears a pair of shades and sees everyone as aliens, I put my sober shades on and saw all you jerks doing the following shit.

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Ryan Morejon