Sol Ruiz's Oultander is a 6-song disc I got in a cardboard sleeve from producer Bobby Macintyre of Studio 71.

He says: "Sol is the songwriter and she plays acoustic guitar. I played drums, produced, engineered, and mixed it. Jesse Jackson plays some Dobro slide guitar, and some cuatro. Lorenzo Corti, who's an Italian friend of mine, guitar player, is on there doing some ambient stuff. I brought Raffa Jo Harris in to do some background vocals. Joe Rehmer played upright bass on the whole record. Scott Bennett who's been working with Brian Wilson (from the Beach Boys) for the past ten years, is a guest vocalist. Brian Wolfe is playing the Hammond organ. I just kind of wanted to bring a guest in on each track. The whole thing was recorded here at Studio 71.

Sol Ruiz's Outlander CD Brings Tropical Folk Style Cuban Psychedelic Music

"We took a very organic approach. When we were recording she was

getting ready to do a tour in Europe and we just wanted to make a

recording representing her playing her acoustic guitar. It's really

like Cuban-Psychedelic music on the New Orleans tip.


touring in Europe right now, I'm gonna meet her over there in July in

Milan, Italy to do some shows, gonna put together a band out there with

some Italian friends of mine.

"The record will be available for download and purchase on iTunes, Amazon and all that in the next couple weeks."

Check out to hear what the lady sounds like. Here's a link to a 2006 New Times article about her. Also, log on to for more info.


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