Song Spotlight: Lo-Boy featuring Rick Ross - "Get It In"

Str8 Drop Records
Str8 Drop Records artist Lo-Boy has been slowly buzzing around Miami in the past couple months. Late last year, Lo-Boy released a Dade County approved anthem of sorts with "Git Ghetto". It was a very dramatically produced track that had to have been made specifically for all the local Miamians with heavy systems in their cars.

Well, since then, Str8 Drop has taken note of the well reception of "Git Ghetto" and recently unleashed a Lo-Boy and Rick Ross collaboration track called "Get It In". It's a little bit different this time around, but still shows the aggressively calm (if that makes sense) delivery that Lo-Boy endures.

With "Get It In", Lo-Boy brings in Rick Ross for the assist. It's a braggadocious type record over another synth-heavy and epic beat. The song isn't too lyrically dominant, but it doesn't really need to be. The mood it sets speaks for itself. You can definitely picture this song in a soundtrack of a movie. You know, something like background music in the part where the underdog of the movie figures out his way out of his or her's personal struggle and in towards  their own version of success.

All in all, "Get It In" has been slowly making its rounds through the hip-hop blogs and websites. It has also started getting some play on the local afternoon mix shows, on 99 Jamz predominantly. Ross might have given this song its extra push, but Lo-Boy can definitely hold his own no matter what. It's a good song overall. And it's perfect to play with your volume on max while riding I-95 late. It's that kind of song. Either way, download it below.

MP3: Lo-Boy featuring Rick Ross - "Get It In"

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