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Song Spotlight: Phresh James featuring Jigg - "Killers"

Both Phresh James and Jigg have had previous "Song Spotlights" in the past. So it seems natural that they're collaborative track gets a little notice as well. Phresh and Jigg are both working on their respective projects and are heavy in the recording process. Over the last week or so, Phresh James decided to unleash this slow-BPM'd diddy by the name of "Killers". I don't really see to strong of a theme, but it is a good straight hip-hop track.

The song starts off very mellow with Phresh's solid verse that is culminated with talks about his art form, balling out of control and clever Twilight movie punchlines, what's great about Phresh James is that he's rephreshing to listen to. He has a natural and organic presence on the mic that lets you know he's real and he's just trying give you his thoughts. Whether you pick up a little lesson or two, that's up to your discretion on how hard you try to listen and do so.

The track also features Jigg who adds a bit of a different flavor to the song with a completely different style. Jigg confidently dispels the competition and knows in his mind that to the listener of this very song, he's one of the best they've heard doing it.

So as we wait for Phresh James album Ocean Views & Full Moons, and Jigg's new mixtape High Grade, this song will give you a small view into what these two young artists are capable of. Two fingers... (peace).

MP3: Phresh James featuring Jigg - "Killers"

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David "Dro" Rosario