Song Spotlight: Phresh James "Miami Vice"

​Promising to just "simply progress", Phresh James brings a new level of smooth to South Florida music. Born and raised in Carol City, Phresh James is simply an old soul. His music and style just show a sign of maturity and willingness to keep growing. And believe it or not, artists like Phresh James just show us that its okay to be a rapper out of Miami and not have a southern drawl over southern-infused beats.

Phresh James often gets comparisons to Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco, but Phresh James is a brand of his own. Typically, it seems Phresh gravitates to more jazz and soul sampled beats - a choice that works well for him. That can be shown on his latest street single "Miami Vice" off his album Ocean Views & Full Moons, which is set to release this upcoming Fall.

"Miami Vice" is not just another 305 anthem-type song. The words "Miami" or "Vice" aren't even on the chorus, let alone in any of the versus. We can assume its more of an objective title that wraps up Phresh's experiences of living the everyday life. Phresh professes with lines such as:

27th Ave, from the Bahas to the Beans

Praying for the hookers and dope fiends I see

Hopefully my music will uplift

Or atleast put n****z on to some new smooth sh*t

Recognize that Phresh James is not just another rapper. He's a great artist with a fresh perspective on style, music and life. So relax, get in the mood and introduce yourselves to some music from Phresh James. Download "Miami Vice" below....


Phresh James - "Miami Vice"

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