Song Spotlight: Serum, Oz the Arc Raider, and LMS - "At The End Of Dreams"

​Two Miami emcees (Serum, LMS) team up with another emcee from Virginia (Oz) for an epic track entitled "At The End Of Dreams". Serum, LMS and Oz the Arc Raider team up and really give you something special on this one. No hook, no bridge - just straight verses after verses. This is definitely a dark track with production duties handled by Stijn Beats.

Oz the Arc Raider starts off the track. Calmly conquers his set of bars with lines like "I love it, and its best when I display it in public / Its like hand f**kin' a puppet, no strings attached". Serum follows up with his rapid-fire verse, which serves as the song's second. And up with the last verse is LMS who seemingly starts off his verse with a very calm and almost creepy-ish flow, but as the bars progress he gets more and more aggressive (think Nas' "One Mic") before he finally ends its off strong to welcome in the cuts and scratches courtesy of DJ Extremidz.

This track surely shows a unique pairing of talent. All three emcees pretty much sound nothing like the other. Which is a good thing. And after hearing this track, you can definitely see potential into wondering how Serum, OZ Arc Raider and LMS would sound if they formed a group. Even if it was just for only one project. If any of you three are reading this, that's an official request fellas. For the rest of you, listen to the track below.

MP3: Serum, OZ Arc Raider, and LMS - "At The End Of Dreams"

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