Songs About Setting Spanish Bulls on Fire, or Something Like That

We all know how different cultures have some downright kooky festivals and traditions. And while we'd like to roll out a whole list of them within these pages, we've been advised by the legal department against "mocking" and "belittling" others whose "customs" we "don't understand/appreciate."

Not only do we not want to piss that department off to begin with, some of us don't get paid enough. Regardless, we couldn't pass up on this petition against the tradition of setting live bulls on fire during the fire festival of Soria in Castilla y Léon in North Central Spain. 

 Received via e-mail from a coworker I have to admit that my first reaction was to chuckle out loud because, the poor animal's feelings aside, that sounds like some funny shit. Now, we (me) don't condone the setting of live animals on fire, that seems a little excessive but again, what do we know about their rituals?

However, we can think of other ways of torturing bulls: through song!

Rage Against the Machine - "Bulls on Parade" 

Where's PETA when you need them? Really?
The Gypsy Kings - "El Toro y La Luna" 
I think the drum machine here is the culprit.
Perla Sinaloense - "El Toro Mambo" 
We suggest some acid for this circus.
Paul Smith - "Heeeeey Bulls!"
This guy is not only guilty of torturing bulls, he also roots for the crappy-ass Chicago Bulls and there's at least fifteen counts of kidnapping a senior citizen and forcing them to aerobicize happening here. 

Click here to see the petition, and you decide. This sounded like a hoax until Wikipedia confirmed it. And you know that's money in the bank!

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