Songs We'd Like Talib Kweli to Spin at Green Room on February 8

When we got word that hip-hop king Talib Kweli would be spinning a DJ set at Green Room next week, the sun, which had been hiding, peeked from behind the clouds. Dolphins leapt up from the waves, hibiscus bloomed, and we smiled.

One-half of Black Star -- which was played nonstop on our tape deck in the late '90s -- Kweli is a man who managed to rise to stardom even after his near-perfect duo dissolved. Of course, so did his fellow Black Starer Mos Def, who, fun fact, recently changed his stage name to Yasiin Bey. Super Black Star fans crawled out of the cracks and donned their baggiest T's to watch the duo perform a fantabulous show late last year at the Fillmore.

Guess Kweli's taking a break from recording the Black Star album to make us a visit. It is February, and our weather is better. Hopefully, he'll represent the Khaled crew, Broward and Palm Beach counties, during his set. The following is a wish list of what we'd like Kweli to spin at Green Room.

Ace Hood - "Be Great"
Deerfield Beach's own Ace Hood just posted his newest video for "Be Great" like three hours ago, and it's great. Get it? Anyway, totally sounds like a late-'90s song, very Jay-Z. With lyrics like, "Martin Luther ain't the only one who had a dream," he just might perk the ears of the very righteous Kweli.

Ace Hood featuring Rick Ross - "Realest Living"
It'd be cool if Talib took that Ace Hood and raised it a Rick Ross. This jam's got a totally different sound from the last. Dirty, dirty. For the end of the night, maybe.

Let's hope Kweli can overlook the beef between Drake and Common and let the Ross flow. Besides, the video's kind of neat. With the neon animation and Arsht Center backdrop, they make parking lots look like fun.

Sean Kingston featuring Nicki Minaj - "Letting Go (Dutty Love)"
There's definitely going to be some Caribbeans in the crowd waiting to get a taste of that reggae, but South Florida Jamaican-style. For them, maybe Sean Kingston'll work for a bit of wining.

Flo Rida featuring T-Pain - "Low"
You know this is the Florida party jam of the past five years. Flo Rida from Carol City and T-Pain from Tally, they've got the state covered. Sure, it's a significant departure from Kweli's sound, but everyone just wants to dance sometimes.

Spaceghostpurrp - "Pheel tha Phonk"
This Miami kid's song sounds super Keith Sweat chillsies with touches of psych-horror. The thing is, though, Spaceghostpurrp's lyrics couldn't be less Talib Kweli or less slow jams if he talked about fathering babies to eat them for dinner. Either way, it'd be neat to hear this out at the club.

Black Star - "Definition"
Let's be real, though. How about Talib Kweli plays only Black Star all night long? That'd be the shit. This video for "Definition" is amazing. If you've never seen it, press play now.

And just because. Here are a few more Black Star songs to add a bit of Talib to your day.

Talib Kweli at his best in "Thieves in the Night."

Oh, and to close, Black Star recently on Colbert.

Catch Talib Kweli's set at Green Room (100 Southwest Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale)at 9 p.m. on February 8. Visit

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