SONiA Brings Timeless Songs to the Shack in the Back

​SONiA is a singer and songwriter who's been in the business for more than 20 years, making music alone and with her group, Disappear Fear. She tours endlessly and writes music constantly, singing in Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, and English. Her résumé and list of awards is extensive and includes 16 albums. 

SONiA says she listens to everything from Coldplay to Gypsy Kings, Springsteen to Odetta. She's inspired by Lila Downs and Joni Mitchell. She's penning theme music for Georgian Way, a TV show set to air June 2013. She's also creating a soundtrack for a short film, Freshwater Baptism, and says she's "just starting to do more in that direction." This isn't her first soundtrack, though, just her most recent.
Based out of Baltimore, she performs there only about three times a year or does benefits like those for Haiti. Besides that, she's touring. She produces albums for bands there, though, including a recent one, Love Over Fear, for New Jersey band Virago. Of her busy life on the road, she says, "I love it." 

Her greatest challenge as a musician has been "to not be enabled into a particular category. I love music, I sing and write, so I'm not really in a place of classification and labels. I just do what I do." Her music is timeless. "Songs I wrote 20 years ago, I can do onstage and people can come up to me and say, I definitely want to download that." 

Check out some sounds from her album Blood, Bones & Baltimore. Her independent record label, Disappear Records, donates 18 percent of every download to the United Nations World Food Programme, so get to downloading. 

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SONiA of Disappear Fear will be at the Shack in the Back, 14740 Mustang Trail, Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, April 21. 

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