Soniko Celebrates its CD Release, Tomorrow Night at Transit Lounge

After their widely touted debut Kombustion, locally groomed rock group Soniko prepares to capitalize on the buzz they first generated five years ago with their long awaited sophomore release, Antidoto Parcial. On Kombustion the foursome received heavy acclaim for their churning brand of alt-rock. A vamp on 1990s grunge with overtures of Britpop and an undeniable foundation in Latin Rock, their raw edge has lent them an unmistakable voice in SoFla's underground music scene. (Disclaimer: frontman/guitarist Alex Izaguirre is also the Miami New Times' assistant art director.)

The bilingual indie rockers have spent two grueling years recording and fine-tuning Antidoto, laying down tracks and mixing under the guiding hand of Doc Wiley at Sonic Nerve Studios. At last, their highly anticipated follow up is here. And they're giving you a chance to celebrate with them.

This Thursday Soniko is going to be throwing a CD release party at Transit Lounge. And if you can't make it out due to that pesky hardship license Harvey Ruvin slapped you with when you got pulled over and blew a .19, you can still catch the whole thing via the Internets! They'll be broadcasting live on their webpage.

Catch Soniko live this Thursday, May 21 at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave) at 10 p.m.

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Christopher Lopez