Soul Asylum and 10 Other '90s Bands You Didn't Know Were Touring

If you know who Soul Asylum are, you can now officially consider yourself middle-aged. But in 1993, they were amongst the biggest bands in America. The alternative rock band played President Bill Clinton's first inauguration. Their lead singer Dave Pirner dated America's sweetheart Winona Ryder, and their video for "Runaway Train" earned them good Samaritan points as a public service announcement for missing kids. But for the last twenty years, no one heard much of them.

This Thursday though, there will be evidence that they still exist. At 8 p.m. at the BB&T Center, Soul Asylum will be performing for free, and you can feel free to reminisce about Doc Martens and mosh pits as you sing along to "Somebody to Shove."

In honor of Soul Asylum's upcoming concert, here are ten other bands from the nineties who you might not realize are still touring. And if you haven't heard of these bands, go raid your parents CD collection (CDs are the shiny discs that... Ah, never mind you whippersnappers).

10. Toad The Wet Sprocket

This soft rock Santa Barbara quartet will do a "Walk on The Ocean" at The Culture Room July 26.

9. The Lemonheads

I'm still bummed I missed their appearance last October at Grand Central. "It's A Shame About Ray" is as close to a perfect pop song as you can find, and their version of "Mrs. Robinson" almost gets you to forget about Simon & Garfunkel.

8. Barenaked Ladies

These whacky Canadians won't make a South Florida appearance as they tour the country opening for other nineties perennial, Ben Folds Five, but they did hit Fort Lauderdale Beach this May for the first Tortuga Music Festival.

7. The Breeders

Kim Deal recently made news for resigning from the Pixies, but her onetime side project, the Breeders, is touring the country playing their classic album Last Splash. They make an appearance at Grand Central in Miami on October 9. Their last two appearances in Miami were as nineties as you can get, playing Lollapalooza and opening for Nirvana at Bayfront Park.

6. Sugar Ray

Their summer tour with Smash Mouth, Gin Blossoms, and Fastball won't make a South Florida appearance, but they deserve special notice for their video of "Someday" being filmed on Key Biscayne.

5. The Black Crowes

Two months after their appearance at SunFest, the brothers Robinson who embraced rock 'n' roll's sweet past, now are of the past.

4. Everclear

This Portland band is headlining another nineties-centric tour that does not deem the Sunshine State worthy. Their Summerland tour also features Live and Filter which were heavy staples of 94.9 FM, when it wasn't a Spanish language station.

3. Tricky

The English pioneer of trip-hop will be coming Stateside this October, but to tide you over he has a new album out now titled False Idols.

2. 311

Finally a nineties themed tour that we can attend. 311 will be headlining Cruzan Amphitheatre July 21 supported by Cypress Hill, Pennywise, Sublime With Rome, and G Love.

1. Rancid

The Tim Armstrong led punk outfit will be playing at Revolution September 6, allowing you time to get the chiropractor before trying to recreate those ska dance moves you once had down pat.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.