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Soulja Boy Responds to Ice-T

This is one of the few times you'll ever hear me defend Soulja Boy on anything!

I'm not a fan of his music or his immaturity, although at the age of 17, I can definitely understand the latter.

Recently, long-time rapper, and current Law and Order cast member Ice-T recorded a diss of Soulja Boy which spread on the internet. I'd post it but what's the point. All Soulja Boy disses are the same. The kid is wack and he is definitely taking hip-hop in the wrong direction. Young or old, you can't really argue with that.

Anyway, Soulja Boy heard it, and on Friday, he recorded a YouTube dis for Ice-T. Cause that's what 17-year-olds do, they turn to YouTube first. There was a time in hip-hop where you'd call a rapper out on stage if he disrespected you or record an album to get back at them, now it's all done through YouTube. Surprisingly enough, the kid has some valid points. The clip speaks for itself and is full of lot's of immaturities which Soulja Boy can't really help. Hey, if you don't like him, blame the Atlanta public school system where he was educated. Maybe somebody should hold public school teachers accountable for all the wack material in hip-hop these days. It's a crazy theory (I know most of teachers work hard) but there is some truth in that statement.

Anyway, check out the video, and you be the judge.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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Jonathan Cunningham