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Soultech's "Resurgere" Brings Techno Back to the Beach Tonight

​Soultech Wednesdays is back and South Beach finally has a proper techno

night again. DJ Andres Amadeus will be reviving the deep tech sessions

that once made Skybar at the Shore Club the only reason to hit the Beach

on a weeknight, from now on at 12 nightclub on Washington Ave. Amadeus

has been a longtime staple of the local EDM scene, throwing down at

hotspots like Electric Pickle and Fierce Angel in support of

international talent like Carl Craig, Paco Osuna, Phonique and DJ T.

Tonight he'll be joined by local nu-jazz specialist Luca Sabellico

a.k.a. dj2much and the pair should provide a sultry and soulful melange of sounds for your weeknight carousing.

For a pre-taste of Andres Amadeus' deep and

bouncy tech-house grooves, check out this mix recorded live at Electric Pickle back

in January.

Resurgere at club 12. Wednesday, March 3, 11 p.m.-5 a.m. 1200 Washington

Ave, Miami Beach.

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Sean Levisman