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Need to relax? Too many thoughts running around inside your head? Music for Healing and Meditation is an entrancing, healing, and relaxing cassette full of meditative flute tunes by Silver Nightingale (a.k.a. Laura Sue Wilansky). It's the perfect accompaniment to a comfortable couch, a cup of herbal tea, and some well-deserved free time. Recorded at a live performance, this soothing flute collection includes Celtic and traditional melodies, as well as classical sonatas from Bach and Telemann.

In addition to Meditation, Wilansky wrote, produced, and played flute on the upbeat "Forsythia for Cynthia," a track on last year's XS Local Music Sampler. Somewhat weirdly, "Cynthia" received airplay both on public-radio giant WLRN-FM (91.3) and hard-rock monolith WZTA-FM (94.9). Wilansky's other recording credits include stints on Stephan Mikes' Jammy-nominated CD The Good, the Bad, and the Karmic, and Maxine Feldman's Closet Sale.

As Silver Nightingale Wilansky has performed at prestigious venues such as the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, and the Design Center of the Americas. She has also played more intimate spots, including Liberties Fine Books, Music & Cafe; Wild Oats Market; and Borders Books, Music & Cafe in Boca Raton, where she can be heard on Sunday combining her New Age-inspired flute playing with the harp talents of Kim DeRosa. And if your head's still clouded after that performance, see a doctor -- or catch Silver Nightingale flying solo at Parker Playhouse on Monday.

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