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Sounduo - Green Room, Fort Lauderdale - June 30

Interview with Sounduo

Green Room, Fort Lauderdale
June 30, 2012

Better than: Any regular ol' dubstep DJ.

Seeing one party bleed over into another is a pretty common thing these days. When a 50th birthday party rental runs late (happy birthday, by the way, Brian), and some stragglers linger while the room fills with a youthful hipster-dubstep hybrid crowd, heads turn. The 50th birthday party was extremely resilient, with utter buck-wildness from all aged partygoers, even though the room swelled with undercover bassheads. As the opening DJ got people moving, the birthday crowd eventually trickled out, perhaps to move on to their most-likely next destination, America's Backyard.

Opening act TV Girl sounded like the Beach Boys on Ambien. A deliriously good time from the sleepy band was had by all, and before we could say "dub," Sweetswirl was back on the decks spinning some solid electronic tunes to get the floor moving.

When Sounduo took the stage, the crowd went ballistic. The live dubstep performance, with drummer plus DJ, was like a shot of adrenaline injected directly into the skull. Bodies spastically moved across the floor and created an insane energy that was completely infectious. DJ William Mills acted as the show's MC, hopping on the mic to get the crowd riled up at the appropriate bass drops and simultaneously jumping around the stage.

The heavy bass, an extremely talented drummer, and total participation from the room (even the 50-somethings who refused to leave) gave Richard a run for his money.

Critic's Notebook

The crowd: Young, discreet dubheads.

Personal bias: I am way into anything with a live drummer.

Overheard in the crowd: "This is so fuckin' meta."

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