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South Florida According to Brooklyn: 2009 in Review

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First off let me start off by saying that last year sucked really bad, and I am definitely not sad to see it go. We gained some friends, but lost a few too. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But that's the beauty of the beginning of the year, a clean slate. So goodbye 2009, hello 2010.

My personal three favorite records that came out in 2009 are Converge's Axe to Fall, Baroness' The Blue Album, and last, but definitely not least, Every Time I Die's New Junk Aesthetic. They were so good, the second I heard any of them, I wanted to go out to the local record store and buy them instead of ordering online like I usually do. The new Converge made me want to knock on my neighbor's door and murder him. The new Baroness is very laid back but brutal -- heavy as hell, but at the same time, it makes you want to sit back and just kind of take it in. And as for Every Time I Die, holy shit -- it's clear those guys are a good time and they know how to party. The record makes me want to go crazy, throw windmills, and dance my ass off.

Otherwise, everyone out there have a safe and happy new year. Remember all we have is today, just live every moment to its fullest and enjoy all life has to offer.

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