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South Florida According to Brooklyn: '90s Hardcore is Coming Back

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​What I would like to talk about this week is the resurgence of '90s hardcore. I think it's awesome, and frankly, maybe I'm just thinking this because I'm excited that Converge is coming to the Pompano Beach Amphitheater on Sunday, November 8. (They're playing with High on Fire, Mastodon, and Dethklok). But there's been more and more evidence lately of increased interest in some of the bands. In the past few months we have seen reunions from seminal '90s hardcore bands like Coalesce and Turmoil, and just a few months ago in California, Unbroken.

But it's not just that bands from the era that are doing shows again and putting out records again, but new bands are re-examining the sound as well. Take, for example, this wide grab bag of current, very popular acts: Coliseum, Thick as Blood, and Life Long Tragedy. Granted, these are all three very different bands who play very different types of hardcore. It's awesome to see the younger generation walking the hardcore walk and talking the talk.
I know, though, that styles and trends go in cycles, and this revival is just a part of it -- it's the honest truth that the older guys like me have to accept. But it's about time it happened, since it's a reaction to all the pop-punk crap that has come around recently. Now, thankfully, people think that's not cool any more, so we're moving on to the next phase.

So that makes it trendy in a way. But for guys like me, it's cool, even though for some of these young kids, it's just gonna be the next thing. But for young kids it's good too -- they might discover the community behind all this music and decide it's important to them.  
But there are a few more bands that I would personally like to see reunite: From South Florida Culture, and from the rest of the country, Inside Out and Chokehold. Actually, I would also love to see Morning Again do one last show in South Florida. 

Overall, the'90s was actually a really exciting time for hardcore, and music in general. A lot of bands that later became huge and influential started in that era -- Converge, like I mentioned, and Hatebreed, and so many more. They're worth checking out, if you haven't already. You may discover something new.

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