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South Florida According to Brooklyn: A Recap of Furious Dudes and Mad Martigan at the Poorhouse

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This past Sunday I put together a show at the Poorhouse with two of the best rock and roll bands in South Florida, the Furious Dudes and Mad Martigan, both from Miami. They are both underrated but awesome, and needless to say the show was amazing, just a good time to be had by all. Mad Martigan started off the show, and that night they sounded like a sludgier version of Black Sabbath. Later on though they sped things up with a Dead Boys cover, which was super impressive -- they pulled it off amazingly.

Next up were Furious Dudes, who are amazing guys and always provide a good time. They are exactly what rock and roll needs at this point -- just dudes going crazy, having a good time, playing with and for their friends. If you've never heard them before, they sound (and act) a lot like Turbonegro. For their entire set they jumped around the stage and repeatedly toasted each other, and you could see in their faces that they were psyched just to be onstage, playing for an appreciative crowd.

Both bands are amazing live. They're both playing at Churchill's this Friday, so if you're in Miami, it's worth stopping by to check them out.

Five Albums I'm Listening To This Week: 1) The Bronx, the Bronx 2, 2) Cave In, Until Your Heart Stops, 3) Damage, Final, 4) Day of Contempt, From the Inside, 5) Drowningman, How They Light Cigarettes in Prison

Quote of the Week: Follow your heart. It will never steer you wrong.

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