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South Florida According to Brooklyn: The New Anti-Tethering Law

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What I would like to talk about this week is the new anti-tethering law that passed Miami-Dade County in March.  Here's the ordinance exactly how it's stated: it "bans tethering or chaining of a dog unless the owner is with the animal, even when there are restrictions." I think this is a breakthrough law for a county in Florida. Finally, animals have a voice. And in local government, the voice is that of City of Miami Commissioner Joe Sanchez, who was instrumental in pushing for the law to be passed.

People, keep in mind that pets depend on us to take care of them and show them the love they deserve from their owners. It's distressing how animal cruelty continues to increase, even among the rich and famous. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you have the right to mistreat any living thing. Take Michael Vick, for example, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who's an amazing athlete, but is now infamous for raising fighting dogs in his spare time. It's good that he got caught, because it shows that money doesn't let you get away this behavior. Finally, people are being held accountable for their actions when they're inhumane.

But back to the anti-tethering law, I think this is a big step forward for our community. Animals aren't just show pieces, they're members of our families. And as far as Joe Sanchez goes, he stands out because there really aren't a lot of men pushing for these kinds of laws. It's usually been women. So hats off to him for being a real man and standing up for this.  And of course, I want to remind everyone to spay and neuter your pets to control the pet population.

Five albums I'm Listening to this Week: 1) The Police, Synchronicity. 2) Hot Water Music, Never Ender. 3) Rancid, Rancid. 4) Strike Anywhere, Dead FM. 5) Smoke or Fire, This Sinking Ship. 6) The Pixies, Surfer Rosa.

Quote of the Week: "Man becomes man only by his intelligence, but he is a man only by his heart." -- Henri-Frederic Amiel

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