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South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your Music Blogging Nominees

To say the web bridges worlds together seamlessly through invisible streams of data would be a gross understatement. In any case, New Times is well aware of the importance of the web, and we're celebrating with our first annual South Florida Web Awards.

We've scoured the Internet in search of the best of the best online. Everything from news, to arts and culture, to food and music, and Twitter and Instagram, South Florida's finest have another opportunity to show you their stuff.

You've already voted, and the tallies are in, but as we gear up for our sick celebration at Green Room this Saturday (which, you're invited to, by the way), we'll be rolling out intros to South Florida's nominees throughout the week.

South Florida's got some impressively music-minded scribes, all hard at work chronicling our city's various scenes. From EDM to punk rock, Churchill's to WLRN - SoFla runs the gamut. Some bloggers stick to local talent, others embrace the broad spectrum, but all educate us on the best, brightest (and sometimes worst) sounds to seek out on Spotify.

South Florida Music Obsessed
Covering music news in South Florida and beyond, the site serves as a master music portal for South Floridians. Lauren Perlstein and team offer round ups of local events and new releases, a mind-boggling number of live show reviews, ticket giveaways and everything else for the musically inclined.

Beached Miami
In addition to news, art and transit talk, the popular Miami and South Floridian culture conglomerate takes a big bite out of the local music scene. They provide videos, snapshots, show reviews and other delectable goodies for anyone on the hunt for solid tunes.

Nightdrive Miami
A blog turned radio show. Such is the premise of Nightdrive, now a weekly sound round up on Wynwood Radio hosted by DJ Patrick Walsh and former WLRN phenom Laura of Miami. The online arm keeps listeners and readers informed on the duo's favorite tunes - the old school, the new school and the local.

Off the Radar
Alerting readers to the most penetrating of new tunes since 2008, this broad spectrum music blog was started by iconic local DJ Ray Milian. The blog goes above and beyond our SoFla sound scene, highlighting the best and brightest, most cutting edge sounds for audiences across the globe.

Salty Eggs
In addition to their other topics of choice, the Salty Eggs team talks South Florida tunes, offering a penetrating, articulate look at our local music scene. Arielle Castillo and other staffers offer up album reviews, artist interviews and entertaining capsules on shows, venues and other newsy sound stuff.

Representing our little corner of the 305, Antizteez has been interviewing and making a ruckus in the city since 2008. And by ruckus, we totally mean revolutionizing the way young people think about what they listen to, eat, read, and do. Their motto, "there's always a message involved," makes you think there're some trippy, subconscious messages going on on their site. But, no. They're just cool people. Doing good things.

--Hannah Sentenac and Alex Rodriguez

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