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South Florida's Ten Best Albums of 2011

Like last year, we're gonna count down the finest South Florida releases of the past 12 months. Many of them have received some attention via this blog, and some of them have received ridiculous amounts of attention.

This list comes from a whole lot of slouching in my office chair in our Fort Lauderdale office with earbud headphones in -- a nicer pair of iPod headphones got stolen -- and a mind open to the possibilities of the myriad styles that reside comfortably at the beach, in the warehouse, at the Snooze, on the Florida Turnpike, and all of the above. With the help of our resourceful and brainy staff of freelancers, this list is going on! For the next two weeks, we'll be adding links to all of the entries below.

South Florida's Best Albums of 2011

Mineo - Beach Season
Young Circles - Jungle Habits
Lil Daggers - Lil Daggers
Arrange - Plantation
Jacuzzi Boys - Glazin'
John Ralston - Shadows of the Summertime
Protoman - Beat a Dead Horse 'Til She Resurrects
Betty Wright & the Roots - Betty Wright: The Movie
Cop City Chill Pillars - Held Hostage on Planet Chill
Plains - Plains

For more, check out Crossfade's Miami's Ten Best Local Albums, EPs, and Mixtapes of 2011 here.

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