Spaceghostpurrp Announces Project with Odd Future, Finally

South Florida native, up-and-coming, illuminati loving hip-hop artist Spaceghostpurrp told BET that a project with Odd Future will become a reality. He won't say when it's going to drop, or give any details, but merely the notion that this collab is finally on the way is some really nice Miami musical news to warm up to when there's nothing good on the radio. 

It's no surprise though that this is in the works. Syd tha Kyd first started playing SGP's songs at parties in Los Angeles, gaining him some attention. And these guys are all baby peas in a pod. They have all of the big bravado, bad attitude, and little of the experience. They're the baddest boys you sat next to in high school and they're just out of high school. This makes them nothing but attractive to the rest of us with more tempered egos and less hostile outlooks on life. 

Like Odd Future, we definitely fell hard for Spaceghostpurrp's sound. Our sister paper Miami New Times recently interviewed the 21-year old rapper (who originally dissed the shit out of MNT, but whatevs), and named him Best Solo Musician of 2012. Hell, I even wrote up his crazy ass Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 as one of Miami's best albums in 2011. Needless to say, we'll let you know when any word on this project hits the web. 

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