Spam Allstars Are From Cuba, According to MIT College Radio

​Gotta love college radio.

Listen to this:

The Spam Allstars are Miami as fuck. Everybody knows that. Well, everybody in Miami. In Cambridge, Massachusettes, not so much. At least not on Spherio, a weekly radio show on WMBR, the MIT university radio station. Their January 8th show, archived online, evidences Spam's true origins. How did we find this? Tradecraft .... and dumb luck. Here's a transcript:

"We're gonna jump directly into some music here. One of the bands that has recently become a favorite among some Spherio listeners, The Spam Allstars. They're out of Cuba, don't ask me where their name comes from. And they have this wonderful kind of old-time funk sound to them. So we're gonna play you a little bit off of their tune 'Perfume De Eliotropo'..."

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