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Spawn of Snooki: Top Ten Jersey Lullabies for the MTV Star's Newborn Meatball

Earlier this week, Jersey Shore megastar Nicole Polizzi, better-known as the one and only Snooki, gave

birth to her first son. She nicknamed him "Meatball" and then promptly Tweeted a

birth announcement

Our time spent watching every episode of Shore back to back

(we don't enjoy it; this is for science, damn it!)

has led us to believe the Snookinator probably don't know shit about raising

kids or keeping a home. Thus, she faces new challenges. How can Snooki make bedtime

snappy so she can still get to the club early enough for that drink special? 

So to help her out, we offer ten Jersey lullabies the MTV star can use to

lull her newborn babe to sleep.

10. The Fugees - "No Woman, No Cry"
It's true: The legendary '90s rap trio hails from neither Jamaica nor Haiti. Wyclef Jean toasted about "rocking a project yard in Jersey" with good reason: All three Fugees -- Jean, Lauryn Hill, and Pras Michael -- pledge allegiance to the Armpit of America.

9. Benny Goodman - "Jersey Bounce"
The ebullient charm of the Garden State is well-represented in this OG BG burner. Does anybody else think New Jersey is the Florida of the Northeast?

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