Speaking of Charlie Sheen in South Florida, Here's Rico Love's "Bi-Winning" Video

Sure, we just listed give ways Charlie Sheen could stay #winning at his upcoming, just-scheduled performance at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise on April 23. But how can he pump himself up musically for the show to really get in the #winning spirit? How about the ode to, well, Sheen himself, penned by a local songwriting winner?

In what is possibly the first hip-hop song by a major industry person to circulate about Sheen, Miami-based empire-builder Rico Love (more on his pop hit-making here) released his track "Bi-Winning" about two weeks ago as a joke

The joke went over so well though, that of course, a fan made this video -- which now seems imperative to share. Seems like a pseudo-viral star awkwardly pantomiming the song, and of course it's got tens of thousands of views. Well it's the YouTube age, what do you expect? Only thing better would be a cat doing the same thing. Anyways, voila, here's BeenerKeeKee19952 doing "Bi-Winning."

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