Speaking Volumes to Play Propaganda Summer Daze on Sunday, Talk SunFest and Lake Worth Scene

Chantal who? Now that the supposed "tropical wave" has taken a chill pill, we can all focus on what's really important: Sunday's Summer Daze Day 2. Day one fully delivered on providing an aquatic and sporty outdoor setting and serious live music overload. And day two will be no different, with headliners like the Supervillains and Authority Zero taking over J Street and breaking it down block-party style.

But what really makes Summer Daze the music monster it has become is the stacked lineup of local talent. To get prepped for day two, we chatted with Chadroc, the leadman on the beats and rhymes for Speaking Volumes. A Lake Worth local and music regular, Chadroc is pumped to grace the stage this Sunday. We delved into the bands' early days, playing Sunfest 2010, and Speaking Volumes' special genre-mixing take on music.

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New Times: Describe your sound to someone who has never heard of Speaking Volumes.

Chadroc: It's weird because we used to be all electronic, but now we're not -- we have a live band. Now, it's like a funk, jam, hip-hop kind of thing.

Cool. So you had a transition period? When did it become the band it is now?

That started about two years ago. We practiced for like a year and a half before we were ready to play a show.

I sense some 311 influence from your music. What bands made you want to make music?

We are all mixed up, and everyone will tell you something different. I'm the hip-hop head of the group, so for me, it's hip-hop starting in '88, even earlier, Hieroglyphics and things like that. I was always into the rhyming and the poetry and the beats and everything. The other guys, our bassist listens to country, they listen to metal, funk, hip-hop. Everyone is well-balanced.

Considering that at some point you had a transition from writing and recording to performing, do you prefer spending time in the studio or playing shows?

They are both just as gratifying. Honestly, you want both -- if you can have it your way. I really do love both. I guess playing live probably just a hair more.

You guys played Sunfest 2010.

Yeah, that was cool. That was when we had a DJ, and we played our music electronically through the turntables and sampler and computer. We were pretty different from what you would see today.

What kind of boost did Speaking Volumes experience after that?

It definitely helped increase who knows us. You aren't just a small name anymore. That's what happens when you get the opportunity to play in front of that many people. We definitely didn't go backwards but we transitioned probably a couple months after, that so any new fans were more about the band than just Sunfest.

Did you grow up in Lake Worth?

I grew up in Wellington. I have been living in Lake Worth for 12 years.

I live in West Palm so I love Lake Worth; I think of it as our little artsy cousin. How has being in that city with such a rich scene sculpted Speaking Volumes?

I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes, I look around and go "this is great." you really can't complain too bad, because there is always something going on. There is always good music like what the guys from Prop are doing this weekend.

The name Speaking Volumes makes me think you guys are a band with a message. What point are you trying to make with your music?

I think it's just, you know, if you learn and you pay attention in life, we preach that back. It's what we view of what's the right thing to. And it's also about your mistakes and your problems, but just trying to convey them intellectually. Make people think like, "I know what you said, but that was weird the way you said it."

Are you guys excited to be a part of Summer Daze? The lineup for day two is crazy.

Yeah, I'm stoked. We've gotten the opportunity to play with Authority Zero at Dubfest in 2009 but that a was down in Hollywood. And my old band opened up for them back at the old Kelsey Club which was up in Palm Beach Gardens. This being my third time playing on the same bill as them, I feel pretty blessed just for that. And then all the local talent they got. I know they are all awesome, but I haven't even heard of a quarter of the bands just because there are so many damn bands on there!

Speaking Volumes are playing Summer Daze Day 2, Sunday, July 14, at 1 p.m., at the inside stage at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Tickets costs $15 for day two. To purchase tickets and for more information, visit

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