Spice Girls Reunite for New Musical; Five Reasons to See Viva Forever

This morning the beloved Spice Girls reunited in London's West End to announce Viva Forever -- a new musical based on the group's hits. Written by Jennifer Saunders and produced by Judy Craymer (Mamma Mia!) the show will loosely cover the formation of the pop group and its Girl Power reign throughout the 90s.

As of now the show is only opening at London's Piccadilly Theater. But, we have our fingers crossed the show makes it overseas.

Take a peek at our list of reasons on why Viva Forever is a must see.

5. Spice World
Say what you want about Spice World, but it's a guilty pleasure of ours. So why wouldn't we want to see it come to life in theater form?

4. We want to sing-a-long in the audience.
Four words: Rocky Horror Picture Show. We're imagining a completely interactive, singing along to the lyrics theater experience. While this might be totally out of the question, we wouldn't mind belting out the lyrics to "Wannabe" with the girls sitting next to us.

3. The costumes
In a decade where alternative music reigned supreme, the Spice Girls erupted onto the pop music scene with their chunky boots, Union Jack prints, and all around tacky wardrobe choices. Imagine what a theater wardrobe department could do with all of that. Maybe they'll even cast a few drag queens.

2. Everyone loves a good reunion in theater musical form.
So maybe the Spice Girls will never reunite for a second time. But, Viva Forever gives fans the chance to have some sort of reunion experience.

1. Cause it's the fucking Spice Girls and it'll be fun.
Listen music snobs, all of our days can't be filled with super experimental, mind expanding bands all the time. Sometimes it's nice to just shut the brain off for awhile and enjoy some pop tunes from our tweenage years. And that's the Spice Girls. It's just a little bit of good ol' fun that takes us back to the days of Girl Power and chunky sneakers.

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