Splatter-Rama Halloween Edition - C&I Studios, Fort Lauderdale - October 31

Better than: Watching stumbling variations on the theme of the skank crawl around Downtown 

Ft. Lauderdale's monthly Splatter-Rama event has been a pretty successful taste of blood, guts, and booze since its inception, but, as one might expect, the Halloween edition was another beast altogether! A costumed, dancing, drunken beast, it consumed the entirety of C&I Studios' warehouse space and spilled into the alleys of the FAT Village Arts District. 

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Things got rolling with

Night of the Creeps

projected upon a screen that occupied an entire wall of C&I's cavernous space. While the films themselves are usually the focus of Splatter-Rama, the crowd that filed in over the course of the movie seemed a bit restless and more apt to sauce up and show off their costumes, some of which had been obviously planned months in advance. 

Out front, Mushaboom and Frankie Dogs served delicious vegan fare to provide an anchor for all of the free dranks awaiting patrons inside. Mushaboom's falafel burger was our particular favorite, best finished with a cupcake from My Cantina's table indoors. 
After Creeps ended, the great costumes kept arriving. There were zombies of every shape, size, and occupation, plenty of Droogs, a few members of Russian punk heroines Pussy Riot at the Saltyeggs.com table, and two sets of Beetlejuice characters -- one being a maroon tuxedo'd Ghost with the Most himself with bride Lydia, and the other being the Maitland couple, complete with ghostly sheets. 

People shook it a bit (but not so much as costumes are fragile) to some choice sonic punctuation between flicks, courtesy of DJs Mikey R and Sensitive Side. However as the time drew near for Re-Animator, the dancing picked-up and it was decided that the film would be shown with an improvised and way more danceable soundtrack. 

The night at C&I was capped with a preview live performance by hip-hop conglomerate Death Jams that proved to be both a rowdy tease and a proper launching pad for the Otto Von Schirach's set of complete mind-fuckingly weird Miami bass jams. 

Schirach and his crew of dancing nightmares proceeded to use every last ounce of juice left in C&I studios' poor, unfortunate PA to provide the crowd of now thoroughly free-nebriated Halloween dancing to a nasty bass heat made costumed drunkards swoon. Schirach, wearing a black hero's costume under the guise of "Supermeng" manipulated his table of noise making electronics while shouting only the dirtiest of things into a mic, all the while being surrounded by a portly transvestite (complete with fishnet stockings) a few ladies that missed the bus home from Ultra, and Mr. Feathers, a character that looks like an intergalactic bass-diety.

Schirach made his trademark triangle hand signals at the crowd as those in the spotlight picked up and pointed an illuminated space-bass rifle at the crowd. It was constructed with a keyboard in the barrel. The scene, which was actually very normal for an Otto Von Schirach performance, fit in perfectly with the Halloween festivities. 

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