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Star Trek by Art Nouveau Events - Respectable Street Cafe, West Palm Beach - June 20

You know you're at a Star Trek party when the sign above the bathroom entrance reads "To boldly go where no man has gone before." In case that's not enough, the life-sized cardboard cutouts of the occupants of the USS Enterprise plastered on the walls or "Beam Me Up" shots being downed at the bar outta do it. 

The event at Respectable Street wasn't all drinks and decorations though, it was an art exhibition where Star Trek found form through every artistic medium imaginable. One artist had copper reliefs of Spock and Captain James T. Kirk that, when they caught the light, gave them an ethereal, spacey glow. Another vendor sold necklaces and earrings with sparkling images of William T. Riker and Data. There were hand-crocheted dolls of all of the show's characters. Even Whoopi Goldberg's Guinan made an appearance. 

Although the theme of the night was overwhelmingly evident, it wasn't the only subject on the table. Gorgeous paintings were on display, as well as thrift-store purses, and comic book wallets. One particular table displayed jewelry of the Georgia O'Keeffe variety, so if you ever thought to yourself, "A vagina pin would really bring this outfit together." then you'd have been in luck.  

On an empty wall, Star Trek: The Motion Picture screened in stark juxtaposition to DJ Danxiety, who filled the air with the standard Respectable Street hipster sounds. Ladies dressed in skin-tight Star Trek uniforms that would make even the likes of Counselor Deanna Troi (whose purple bodysuit engulfed the minds of young, horny nerds everywhere) blush.
One of the more surprising things about this particular fete -- and keep in mind that Art Nouveau Events (who planned it and have been hosting live-art themed shows since 2009) -- was the age range of the attendees. There was the expected younger crowd, but also many white-haired Trekkies. 

Everyone was standing around mixed in with each other and admiring a show that defied the gender, race, and cultural divides dominant in the era of its creation. Star Trek boldly went where no show had gone before, and that is why, on a surprisingly cool Wednesday summer night in West Palm Beach, people of all ages and races gathered together to enjoy artwork that, like themselves, was inspired by Star Trek.

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