Starke Truth

Never know what to expect from Raiford Starke, but rest assured that it won't be soft, fluffy, cuddly, sissy stuff. Whether the 40-year-old singer-guitarist is blasting electric blues with a full band or sittin' on a stool with his acoustic on his knee, Starke's Southern swamp-boogie always confirms a raw but considerable talent. The bearded, wisecracking, down-home Virginia/Texas transplant recently opened shows for Junior Brown and handily bested him at his own country-rock game. The last of the South Florida singing cowboys? Take a good look, for we aren't likely to see his kind again. Raiford Starke performs a free show at 8 p.m. Thursday, February 27, at the Bamboo Room, 25 S. "J" St., Lake Worth. Call 561-585-BLUE.


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