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Steel Panther on Fashion: "Find, Like, Places Where Strippers Buy Their Clothes"

When people talk about "heavy metal," they're really just talking about Steel Panther -- a band so imbued in the form, it may as well have invented it. The band that once crept from the Sunset Strip's gutters like some sort of mutant, spewing sequins, Aqua Net, and glitter with every step has eclipsed even its own legend at this point. Yet it continues to graciously bring the gospel of the '80s shred and shriek to audiences everywhere.

Whether or not Steel Panther is actually cutting satire or authentic heavy metal perfection remains a topic of intense debate on message boards and in suburban parking lots all over the country. We couldn't care less, because we're way too busy partying to Steel Panther records to worry about whether or not they're a joke band.

The band's deft musicianship, poetically wrought lyrics, and uncompromising dedication to showmanship has won them fans across the globe, and they will soon return to South Florida to bring the unique brand of heavy metal party they purvey to the place that parties the hardest.

New Times took a minute away from wiling out to speak with Steel Panther's lead guitarist, Satchel -- a world class riff machine who was kind enough to make some time for our questions about the finer points of soundtracking coitus to metal, finding sick stage clothes in 2014, and David Lee Roth's undeniable spryness.

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David Von Bader