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Steve Aoki's Neon Party Turns Club Cinema Into a Techno Swamp

New Times Broward-Palm Beach Calendar Editor Mickie Centrone attends and details some of the finest -- and occasionally subpar -- events from a given week. Last Tuesday, she raided the "If It's On, It's Neon" event at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach.

I've been to Ultra, I've seen Rabbit in the Moon, Spacemen, among others, been to raves at the now defunct Orbit/Orbital, but I've never seen anything like this. You know those apocalyptic movies, like Matrix, or vampiric ones, like Blade, and they have those rave scenes that you don't think exist, well they do. That was "If It's On, It's Neon" at Club Cinema -- just more sloppy, more oral fixation: lollipops and pacifiers. And to get a better idea what this party was like, you'll have to add flashing, swirling mechanical wind wheels, two inches in front of a 18-year-old's face.  That floor upstairs was bouncing -- forget that, the whole building was a trampoline. It's a rave for the young, featuring DJ Steve Aoki, who got a horde of glow sticks thrown to him on the stage when he took off his mask.


The rave culture here in sunny South Florida is very much alive, and the next one, Darude, is set for Club Cinema September 19. This rave will be brought to you by folks who use human inflatable hamster balls and confetti bombs.

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Mickie Centrone

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