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Steven Tyler on the Brilliance of Aerosmith: "The Stuff That We Come Up with Outweighs Any Anger"

As time marches on, fans of the (now) classic rock 'n roll animal have fewer and fewer groups to enjoy in their original, or even mostly original configurations. The years can be pretty unkind to bands: Members quit, members die, and "the magic" can so easily disappear.

Aerosmith has almost lost "the magic" on several occasions. Despite major lineup shuffles, periods of obscurity, and Steven Tyler's personality, Aerosmith has managed to come through "the other side" with the original '70s lineup in tact. And whether you love, hate, or simply tolerate the boys from Boston, they breathe some extremely rare air as a truly classic group that still functions in an unaltered state.

Recent times have seen Steven Tyler's star rise even higher than his role as a

frontman. There was that epic fall from the stage that resulted in serious injury,

appearing in a high-profile advertisement hawking slop for Burger King,

and a stint judging would-be canned pop stars on American Idol.

However, the singer finally returned to the business of fronting the

legendary rock band, though the road back was not a particularly easy

one, especially when considering the in-fighting that resulted following

the previously mentioned mid-show spill, and anger over Tyler's Idol

day gig.

On the reunion and new recording, the

singer told us and other media outlets: "I felt the power of something I never got from anywhere

else, and it was from being in this band. And the shit that we go

through and the stuff that we come up with outweighs any anger."

The band will return with its first album of new material in over 10 years, titled Music From Another Dimension. The

record is slated for release on November 6, with the second leg of a

world tour to follow. The first part of their Global Warming Tour (by most accounts)

has shown the group in great form. The album will be the band's final for

the Sony label, and is expected to be something akin to the Aerosmith

of yore.

"I think it's a real good piece of work that shows we're not

just in a studio looking for hits like we were in the '90s," says Tyler

about the record, which was recorded in a new, hybrid medium named

"CLASP" that combines analog tape recording and the digital

world. This is something Tyler also claims helped in getting the band back in

the creative saddle again. It also features a vocal cameo by Johnny Depp.

The record

features each and every member of the group taking part in the

songwriting process, unlike most of the band's late output, which was

frequently built around songwriting relationships with big name,

professional songwriters like Desmond Child. On the subject, Tyler said

"they say it's best when we write songs. And if you listen close to this

album, everyone's got a chance to say something, and it came out in the

wash again."

Though things look bright

currently for the band, Tyler does have plans for a solo album in the

near future, stating, "I'm definitely going to do a solo record after

this. And we'll see where it all goes." Hopefully, Tyler's solo career

does not derail the band's rejuvenation.

Aerosmith's Global Warming tour with Cheap Trick, 7:30 p.m., December 9 at BB&T Center, 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise. Tickets cost between $45.75 and 145.75 plus fees. Visit for tickets.

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