Storm Troopers and Darth Vader in Real Life: Star Wars Reads in Pembroke Pines (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

Fart jokes from a galaxy far, far away were delivered by Storm Troopers to Pembroke Pines this weekend. Star Wars fans of all ages turned out Saturday afternoon to take pictures with a handful of lovable costumed crazies. There was storytime, arts and crafts, a raffle giveaway, and John Williams blasting over the loud speaker. If that's what heaven's like, then I'm totally repenting.

Members of the 501st Legion, Everglades Squad, touched down at Barnes and Noble on Saturday afternoon to commemorate the first national Star Wars Reads Day. Events took place at more than 1,000 libraries and bookstores around the country. Classy gents that they are, the Everglades Squad let us follow them around to snap a few candid shots. Boy, did we learn a thing or two about intergalactic thug life.  
10. "TK-421, why aren't you at your post?" Well, because he has Beiber-fever! Leave the man be.

9. Even Dark Lords have to wait in line, just like everyone else. It's a shame Vader couldn't exhibit this kind of patience before his fall to the dark side.  

8. They may be the bad guys, but you know what? They help out. A Snow Trooper takes care of calls while the staff has their hands tied.

7.  "Yes, these are the Nooks you're looking for." The ever-helpful Everglades Squad of the 501st Legion talk up the selling points of the Nook tablet.

6. Scout Troopers love red velvet cheesecake. Everyone knows that. 

5. When nature calls, you answer. Too many pumpkin-spice frappes, we suppose.

4.  Maybe the reason the Empire lost the war was their lack of concentration. Then again, everyone slacks off when they know the boss isn't watching. Am I right?

3. Who can resist arts and crafts? Not this Clone Trooper. Especially if they're the kind of arts and crafts that're sugary and edible. (Side note: This Clone Trooper is on his feet.)

2.  Boop... Boop-boop-boop. Bobbleheads are for bopping, and this Clone Trooper is more than happy to oblige.

1. A life of service to the empire can be pretty stressful. Many a Snow Trooper likes to unwind by mastering the art of puppetry.

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