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Stream Forward Motion Records Live: Dreaming in Stereo, Kim Drake & More

Last month, Fernando Perdomo's Forward Motion Records put on a showcase of the label's artists at Revolution. In a quick evening, 14 artists from the Miami label's stable brought forth a wealth of material that our writer Travis Newbill described as "catchy at times but undeniably safe."

Now, anyone who didn't attend can decide for themselves, and those who want to relive the evening and know full well that half of the proceeds will go to cancer research can pick up Forward Motion Records Live. The collection is now streaming at the Forward Motion Bandcamp, and can be purchased for $10 there, and at iTunes.

The night's roster featured a range of pop-rock, folk, and singer-songwriter fare including Omine, Jorge Moreno, the Chris Alvy Band, Radio-Active Records' music video star Kim Drake (pictured at right), Perdomo's own Dreaming in Stereo, and several others each performing a pair of songs apiece.

One of the highlights of the collection is Dreaming in Stereo's "Smile," a tender, light-on-percussion tribute to Fernando Perdomo's mother Araceli, who passed away nine days before the concert.

The full track listing of the album is as follows:

1. Omine - Knock

2. Chris Alvy Band - Art Noise

3. Robert Goodman Band - Tears on my Shoulder

4. Joshua Stedman - Fool I've Been

5. Jorge Moreno - This Town

6. Kim Drake - Nerd Amour

7. Jesse Young - If You Go

8. Lizette Santana - Cansada/Out of You

9. Tyler Bernhardt - Happiness in History

10. Dreaming in Stereo - Home

11. Danny Luis - Walk On

12. Jennifer Kaiser - Pretty Boy

13. Vic Kingsley - I Tried

14. Jim Camacho - Good Things are Coming

15. Dreaming in Stereo - Smile (in Memory of Araceli Perdomo)

A physical version of the album follows in December, and there will be an accompanying DVD of the show, as well.

Stream/purchase: Forward Motion Records Live

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