Stream: Los Sobrinos Del Juez's "Disco Mama"

South Florida had some of the funkiest and baddest mothers the planet has seen! And it is high time we pay respect (or rather, pay our dues) to all the dudes and gals who paved the way for our current multicultural leanings! Ladies and germs, enjoy the funky disco sounds of Los Sobrinos del Juez -- which means the Judge's Nephews for all of you who are in serious need of of some global sensitivity training.

But before we get caught up in pre-Mariel histrionics, let's get one

thing straight: When we refer to South Florida "disco" within these

Blast From the Past pages, we mean straight-up, danceable funk with

nuances of Latin pegadito si no lo ve la chaperona rock 'n' roll.

Formed by Carlos Oliva in the late '60s and undergoing a few personnel changes throughout their time, the Judge's Nephews took their cue from Sammy Davis Jr.'s "here comes the judge" and were an integral part of the South Florida disco movement better known as the Miami Sound. The Nephews are still around, and we'll be looking at their legacy within the Blast From the Past column very soon.

What the rest of the world will tell you is "disco" music can fall in suit with the shitty outlook you already had. New York and whatever 54 can go suck an egg. Que se la mame!

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