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Stream: New Funcrusher Song, "You're an Avalanche"

When we last checked in on Funcrusher, the newish Lake Worth act had just a handful of songs posted online, each seeming to explore a different angle of the current hottest subgenres on the indie spectrum. There was electronics-infused dance-rock right alongside syncopated, almost '80s-style punk-funk, with a little bit of jangly power-pop thrown in for good measure.

The band appears to be going for a tabula rasa, though, or at least a focus on the future. All the old Funcrusher material floating around the band's Bandcamp and Soundcloud

pages is gone, and in its place is just one new track, "You're an

Avalance," from the band's forthcoming debut EP. If the track is any

indication, the band is better on its way to refining all its influences

into one sonic soup.

Warm, tinkling synth riffs start everything off with a wash of atmospheric psychedelia while building guitars drive this into the kind of festival-friendly, epic-indie sound so popular right now. About halfway through, there's a little bit of world beat-style, off-time drumming, and then yet another crescendoing build-up to cap things off. Somehow it all works, thanks to a keen sense of dramatic timing and a knack for melody that keeps the song moving along.

Although the band doesn't have any immediate shows booked yet, you can stream "You're an Avalanche" below.

You're An Avalanche by FUNCRUSHER

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