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Stream: Surfer Blood's "Miranda" From Tarot Classics Emerges

You already know that we enjoy "Miranda" by Surfer Blood. But up until this point, the evidence was strictly live performances and completely tangential associations with actress/director/artist Miranda July (at right).

Sidenote: We know that July likes music -- and possibly would even dig this song -- because she put a really great Cody Chesnutt track called "5 On a Joyride" during a heightened moment of sexual tension in her 2005 cult fave, You and Me and Everyone We Know

Anyhow, Kanine Records has unveiled the studio version of the track, which will appear on the West Palm Beach band's latest EP, Tarot Classics (out October 25 on limited blue vinyl!). It's a vibrant and robust rock statement, and judging by the Twitter, people are happy about what they've heard:

So glad you guys like Miranda. <333333333333less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Check it out at the Kanine Records Soundcloud page.

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