Stream: Weird Wives Unveil Three New Tracks

The brutal, sensual, and confusing sounds of West Palm Beach experimental outfit Weird Wives just expanded. Three new tracks from the group's limited-edition cassette that has one of the longest album titles ever, Some motherfucker's gonna be walking 'round with a size 9 Diehard up

their ass, cause apparently they ain't never seen a short A/C man get

bad ass on methadone, popped up on the band's Soundcloud page yesterday, and each provides a strikingly different foray into what it means to be a strange spouse.

"Plastic Masks 2" is probably most reminiscent of the Weird Wives works we've documented in the past -- thick bass lines, mangled and menacing guitar riffs -- but Nick Klein's over-the-top vocal persona has been replaced with more subliminal messages. 

Plastic Masks 2 by Weird Wives

"Dashing Moulah" is the sound of the future when we all become cowboys again, and its schizophrenic synth line is what they'll play in the saloons.

Dashing Moulah by Weird Wives

"No Sleep" is the most straightforward guitar rock song of the bunch and is somewhere between the works of Cop City/Chill Pillars and Surfer Blood -- two other local groups with heavy overlap with this band.

No Sleep by Weird Wives

Weird Wives release this cassette (with its excessively long title) on October 7 at the Snooze Theatre in Lake Park. It is limited to 150 copies. The event will also celebrate two other releases from the West Palm Beotch catalog: the Snooze's own Love Handles will unveil a new seven-inch titled Handled, and Orlando's Andy Boay drops So So So We See/Trenches in the Sun on cassette.

West Palm Beotch Release Show. With Weird Wives, Russian Tsarlag, Haves &

Thirds, Love Handles, and Universal Expansion. 7 p.m. Friday, October 7,

at Snooze Theatre, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. Tickets cost $5. Click here.

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