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Just in time for Father's Day, Broward MC Bloody Phill arrives with this EP, featuring six tracks -- three originals and instrumental versions of each. The focal point is the male-empowerment anthem "Baby Daddy," giving big-ups to all the real-deal dads who put time, money, and love into raising their kids when Mom's out of the picture. Seems a long time coming -- what with artists from Babyface and Snoop Dogg to K-Ci and JoJo extolling the baby momma -- that dads who flout the deadbeat stereotype should get props. Given the song's content, you worry about potential Hallmark-ization, but Phill skips sentimentality and instead finds the humor and hard-won pride in his situation. Backing vocals and a memorable chorus keep this one humming well after the song ends, with Phill reasoning: "Maybe I never should've hit it raw." Nice. The other two tracks, "Flexin" and "Raw Breaded," are in a similar vein, showcasing Phill's complex flow and street-level insight. The beats are pretty underwhelming, but they come off homespun, clearly crafted with love. Sort of like your 6-year-old's fingerpainted Father's Day present, only in reverse.
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Jonathan Zwickel

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