Sugar and the Hi Lows' Trent Dabbs on Nashville: "You Can Throw a Rock and Hit Somebody That Wrote Your Favorite Song"

The Nashville musical duo of Amy Stroup and Trent Dabbs, better-known as Sugar and the Hi Lows, have a new sort of bluesy soul. Their sound pays homage to the classics of yesteryear, but their modern spin makes for an infectious sound. Even if you've never heard their record, you probably know their songs.

Over the past few years, the duo's work has been featured

on such shows as Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Parenthood.

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Earlier this year, the duo released its debut self-titled album, made up of a collection of songs that seamlessly combines modern indie pop with retro rockabilly soul. Simply put, it's the type of music that just makes you want to dance. In a phone conversation with Dabbs from his Nashville home, we spoke about the Sugar and the Hi Lows' upcoming holiday album, Taylor Swift, and the Nashville music community.

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Betsey Denberg