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Summary of Week Two of The Vanilla Ice Project

Last week we brought a recap of the premiere of Wellington resident Vanilla Ice's new home improvement reality show, The Vanilla Ice Project. In the show, Vanilla Ice (real name Rob Van Winkle) and his buddies are renovating a 7,000-square-foot mansion "rock star-style," which includes basically pimping out the entire pad room by room.

In this week's episode, titled "Master Sweet," Rob and the gang tackle the biggest bedroom and bathroom in the house.

Before leaving, the previous owner stripped the master bathroom bare. He took the toilet, the tub, the sinks and showers, even the valves in the plumbing. So with the help of Rob's plumber friend, Rodney, he sets to remaking the entire room.

Rob insists they try to keep the previous wallpaper, Rodney bets him they won't be able to, then Rodney has the wallpaper removed. Rob is pissed (though not as angry as he's been), but calms down when he learns he's actually saving money.

They also discover a leak in the roof, and the guys patch it up just in time for a South Florida afternoon thunderstorm.

Then Rob and his guys install new valves in the shower. They're disappointed, however, to learn that the bathtub they've been waiting weeks for comes in the wrong color. Instead of "biscuit," they get "white."

They drop in a fancy shower, eventually get the right tub in, and install cabinets with granite countertops. Rob has some trouble putting up the wallpaper, but eventually gets it done, smoothing out bubbles for a while.

The gang also installs a pretty intense, high-tech security system that includes a set of parameter cameras that will see at night and work without electricity--and broadcast everything to a monitor in the master bedroom.

They put a fancy shelving system into the closet, with Rob explaining that they need to be a "mansion closet."

In the end Rob points out that the master suite "went from zero to hero." He admits he spent a little more than he'd planned -- about $10,000 -- but that the real estate game is competitive, and "you really need to go that extra mile." He wants the master bedroom area to feel, as he says, "like a resort."

Good times.

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