Summer Jam 2013 - Meyer Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach - August 31

Summer Jam offered a pleasant surprise this past Saturday. In in a world of "maybe," they came through with a yes.

The West Palm Beach festival successfully brought local acts of varying genres out into the open air. What made the lineup so intriguing, and even somewhat unfamiliar to the Palm Beach County scene, was the fact that event organizer Patrick Maraist of Music Jam Productions has a wider definition of "local music." "We use the term 'local' on a broad scale," he said, "to include the encouragement and promotion of original music from throughout the state, not only from South Florida."

Though the crowd was slow to get moving, the same can't be said for the bands. Opening up day one of this two-day fest was Orange Juice, a Naples band with a sunny disposition who seemed to embody the Floridian lifestyle. The Florida pride continued with metal band Ornimental out of Fort Lauderdale. Not the biggest genre at the fest, Ornimental manged to make a few reggaeheads say "Damn, they're good."

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Dana Krangel