Sumsun Posts Mix on Altered Zones That Won't Bum You Out
Photo by Lorraine Cornillie

Sumsun Posts Mix on Altered Zones That Won't Bum You Out

Experiencing Pitchfork's ultimate fringe music site Altered Zones mirrors much of the music discussed on the site. It's disorienting, precious, youthful, and insidery. There's a slight temptation to grumble the way Andy Rooney does on 60 Minutes ("Does anyone even play piano anymore if it isn't out in the middle of Biscayne Bay?!"). Fortunately, Simon Reynolds has already done that part for me.

In truth, uncovering band names like Com Truise, Moss of Aura, and Moon Bounce are endlessly fascinating. And so, it is has been a blissful pleasure to hear area electronic artist Sumsun's January mix for Altered Zones. His lone contribution is a remix of Hard Mix's "Alright" mentioned here last month, but the mix is a fetching, depth-plumbing combination of skewed tempos, keyboard effects, and gurgling samples, so that feels good, actually. Listen below.

Altered Zones | January 2011 | Mix Series V.5 | Sumsun by alteredzones

1. Dak - Youstandit

2. Exray's - Ways to Stop Time

3. Com Truise - FairLight

4. Colin Stetson - The Stars in His Head (Dark Lights Remix)

5. Hard Mix - Alright (Sumsun Remix)

6. Michael Parallax - Vicious People [ft Waylon Thorton & Quiet Coyote]

7.Lapti & Nocow - Sirenas (part. 1)

8. Matthewdavid - vvoxcave

9. Moon Bounce - Who Do You Know?

10. Salva - Wake Ups

11. [mystery zone]

12. Ssaliva - Moth to the Flame

13. Lay Bac - Kasumi

14. Moss of Aura - Generations

15. Dylan Ettinger - Endeavor

16. Skylines - @ Dawn

17. Swan Spells - Woods Manner

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