One of the most creatively conceived local nights of live music, the Sumsun-curated Lush Haus, is back tonight at the ultimate Lake Worth den of sight and sound, Propaganda. The first one back in December set the tone with a live set by the atmospheric splendor that is Hear Hums, and tonight should be similarly trippy with Well Rendered Wolf, a local guy who (very allegedly) can recite every line Michael J. Fox has ever uttered in a movie.

Just to get everyone further in the mood, Sumson's Judson Rogers has posted January's official mix as a free download. And, for further reading, check out yesterday's profile of Rogers' live partner in Sumsun, Edwin Jantunen, AKA the Get.

Sumsun's Second Lush Haus Event Is Tonight at Propaganda; Download January's Mix

A rundown of the evening from our host:

A DJ set by me (as Sumsun) and the Get (other half

of Sumsun) as an opener. Then a live performance by Sumsun. Then MASSIVE

DJ set by Secret Hideout with a short live set before. He killed it so

hard last month, so many people dancing! Well Rendered Wolf will play,

then a later DJ set of INSANE dance tracks by the Get.

Lush Haus 2. With Well Rendered Wolf, Sumsun, the Get, and Secret Hideout. 9 p.m. Wednesday, January 19, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. No cover. Click here.

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