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Here in the North Caribbean, AKA South Florida, a bunch of bands claim to capture the Afro-Latino demographic perfectly in their music. Plenty try, but few accurately succeed as much as Miami's Suénalo does with its polyrhythmic display of funk, mambo, hip-hop, and jam-band-style playing. The group has a rotating cast of musicians on stage that is usually eight or nine strong, with lots of percussion and horns, and this alone gives the band a solid sound that's nasty enough for salseros and breakdancers to connect with the band's music. Once the group's ultralyrical MC, Amin de Jesus, starts rapping, you know you've tapped into something special. Suénalo doesn't play Palm Beach County very often, but this week, it's playing a benefit show at City Limits on the eve of Thanksgiving to raise funds for a charity in need. So if you're in the mood for a band with a genre-bending style, these cats are worth checking out. Local jazz-funk band Lights Down Low is opening for them, and if you haven't heard this band play before, consider it a night of charity and discovery wrapped into one.

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Jonathan Cunningham

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