SunFest's Top 10 Most Memorable Fashions

Besides a small minority of Lilly Pulitzer lovin' hipsters and like 30 Japanese chicks, there's no young person in the world looking to West Palm Beach for fashion advice. Not that they shouldn't, but it's not like a night out on Clematis is the same as opening the pages of W. But, you know, who the hell wants to look like a space alien in stilettos anyway?

SunFest, this past week in PBC, did have some pretty strong fashion moments though. Despite it not being as chic as Milano, it's also not nearly as obnoxious as Ultra (shiver), and SunFesters know how to have a bit of fun with their looks. Get ready for some mom-like criticism and old man style lovin'.

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10. Dude-Bro

When dressing to attend Life in Color -- the world's largest paint party -- this dude-bro said to himself: "I know it's not slimming, but if I wear white, I'll have an original work of art that I can wear!"

Raving bro-style involves a few essentials that this guy has just nailed: 1. tank; 2. baggy shorts; 3. '80s inspired eyewear; 4. a touch of neon; 5. a few things that glow.

9. Brace-Face

Many of those riding the wave of hands at the Less than Jake show were young, slender ladies. This one not only is dressed adorably, but she also knows the importance of getting those choppers straightened.

It's funny cause she's taken such good care of her teeth, and yet is moving precariously six feet above ground, her life at the mercy of total strangers. Some things are worth risking, others, like ugly teeth, aren't.

8. Super Cool

If you're gonna paint up your scrawny chest up with something, better be the Superman emblem! This guy's cool though, he's made his outfit complete with a cape and a very superhero-ian pose. He's up, up, and away!

7. Shit Happens

You ever wonder what happy nipples look like? Well, now ya know! These two smiling aureolas juxtaposed with drag queen sequined shorts and green hair send us straight back to the rave days of the '90s. Sure this little lady was hitting up SunFest for Life in Color, but she definitely kept the old school alive.

6. Super Old School

This bespectacled lass brought it back even further, like elementary school back. And God bless her. We saw plenty of balloon animal costumes at SunFest, but this one takes the cake, and the wings, and owl eyes. Man, it'a a little creepy.

5. Granddaddy Purple

We're not lying when we say this guy loves SunFest. Equal to that affection is his attachment to Mardi Gras beads.

This is one stylin' dude. Amidst a sea of jits with stupid fake fem cowboy boots and Rasta blond dreads, this man is taking his style and going full force awesome with it. The cane, the hat, the bold Coca-Cola tee... This is our SunFest style hero right here.

4. Don't Eat Me, Bro

The final day at SunFest was Cinco de Mayo, so you're probably thinking that's why this guy is dressed like our favorite food, but you may be wrong. It's totally possible that this dude's obsession for tacos inspired a getup that he wears year round. Maybe he wore this on the 4th too? Maybe not. Either way, we can't imagine not being hungry all day looking at him. We pity his friends.

3. Butt I Swear I Put Them on Earlier

So you might think we're like super into this gal's bead bracelets, daringly torn-up tights, purple hair, but really, move your eyes a little to the right. Someone literally forgot their pants at home! Oh, my goddess! That poor gal needs to write a to do list or something: Wear pants. Please.

2. Tevas Are the Enemy of Style

SunFest was mega rainy this year, and so the poncho over bikini idea was clutch. It's Spring, so flowers in the hair, though fake, are acceptable. Oliva, happy 21st birthday! You're adorable. Do yourself a favor: Buy new shoes! You're too young for Tevas.

1. Star Power

And for number one, we've got a tie, and both are performers.

Robin Zander of Cheap Trick was freaking owning that band leader-cum-cop ensemble. And Jimmy Cliff in his Rastafarian Judo outfit was divine. If there was something to win here, we'd give the prize for finest dressers of 2013 SunFest to older gentlemen. The army of teens in identical tanks, take some tips from your elders: Dress like what you want to be. And no one wants to grow up to be a bro.

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