Super Bowl 2010: Nelly Furtado, Paulina Rubio and Pitbull, at the Pepsi Musica Super Bowl Fan Jam, This Friday

​It's that magical time of year once again kids--a time when really anything can happen. A time when dreams can come true. A time when anything your heart desires can be made reality, whether you long to see two midgets mud wrestling in the lobby of hotel, or all you want is to stab a prostitute before a night out on the town. Then again, maybe these particular wishes are more suited to the rich and famous athletes that Miami is inundated with for the coming seven days, and let's try to remember to opportunity to host the Super Bowl only comes around once in awhile.

In any event, you'll promptly find that SB festivities are in full swing already. In fact, things have been going strong since last week, thanks to the Pro Bowl. Perhaps you even saw Donovan McNabb in line behind you waiting for the urinal whilst taking a leak in the bathroom at the Clevelander. My boy did. Well, the events this week will be bigger and grander. A prime example, this Friday's Pepsi Musica Super Bowl Fan Jam...which is not nearly a long enough name. The free concert at Lummus Park aims to bring fans of Latin music top billing. And this year, there's plenty of crossover appeal thanks to the lovely Latin songbird come lately Nelly Furtado and that lil' chico, Mr. 305, Pitbull. Rounding out the three headed all-star lineup, la chica dorada, Paulina Rubio. Not too shabby for a free ride, eh?

The concert will take place on 8th and Ocean. Tickets are free, but first come first serve. Grab yours quick.

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Christopher Lopez