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Super Bowl 2010 Video: Party with Jamie Foxx and Usher

"My name is Jamie, and my middle name is motherfucking....and my last name is Foxx!"

As people waited in line at one of the bars at "The Bud Light Hotel" (around 10:00 p.m.), a sudden rush of bodyguards and flashing paparazzi ran past. Crushed in the middle of two giant bodyguards was a little man wearing Marc Jacobs sunglasses with blue lenses. Wait a second, "Its Jamie Foxx!" Omg...Miami gets excited when a Super Bowl's in town. A second later the man was on the stage, opposite the huge stage. "You are all going to get fucked up with me tonight...I am Jamie Foxx!" he yelled into the microphone. "I want Sex on the Beach!" he said. He pointed to the hottest women in the crowd and said, "Come on up here."

If you were there, you know how awesome Jamie Foxx is. So much swagger as he pumped up the crowd, "Let me hear my Saints fans....let me hear my Colts fans..." Then he introduced Usher on the opposite stage, "this man has sold like a ka-zillion albums...." Usher put on a long show with dancers and pyro and hits and leather and song after song about taking shots of Patron and getting laid (see video above).

He performed on a really high stage. DJ Khaled came out for a moment and did his thing. The dancers all held hands with Usher as they took the final bow. Jamie Foxx reappeared on the aforementioned stage on the opposite end again as tons of confetti fell from the sky. Mr. Foxx literally jumped into the crowd like a rock star and started pouring liquor into the gaping mouths of female audience members. "This party is gonna go on until four in the morning," he said into the microphone, "We are in Miami, bitch." It did.... We were.

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Jason Handelsman

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