Surfer Blood Joins the Bruise Cruise 2011 Lineup

We've been silently weeping into our PBRs since we first heard news of next February's Bruise Cruise. It's really hard for a 20-something to give up $615 for three days of fun in the Bahamas -- even if some amazing bands will be playing in place of a traditional calypso crew. Well, now we have another reason to dish out the dough: Surfer Blood.

Yup, you read right. Surfer Blood was just added to the lineup that already includes bands like Black Lips, Vivian Girls, Strange Boys, and local Miami favorites Jacuzzi Boys. It might sound like a lot of cash to check out a few bands and pig out, but once you do the math, this cruise is kind of a steal.

We're no math majors or anything, but if you divide the $615 into three days, then into the nine bands you'll get to see, that comes out to a little under $23 per meal with great music. And we all know cruise food is nothing to sneeze at. A bonus? For us South Floridians, we don't have to splurge on flights or anything.

So while you're packing on the pounds, you can also schmooze with some of your favorite bands and ask them those deep, probing questions you've always wanted answers to. Or you can slur out some really bad jokes disguised as questions as you gulp down your fifth frozen margarita. Hey, we're not judging. Here are a few of ours.

To the Black Lips: What comes after 200 Million Thousand? 200 Million Thousand and one?

To Vivian Girls: Your former drummer now plays for Best Coast. Your new drummer is also the drummer for the band Coasting. You're currently cruising near the coast. But is it really the best?

To Jacuzzi Boys: So you uhh... wanna join us in the jacuzzi, boys? We won't invite any strange boys, promise.

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Christine Borges
Contact: Christine Borges